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The Red Clay Watershed encompasses 50-square miles in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania and northern New Castle County, Delaware and is home to over 50,000 people.

The Red Clay Valley Association, a non-profit conservation organization founded in 1952, is committed to promoting and protecting the natural resources of the Red Clay Valley through technical assistance and research projects, as well as through environmental education programs and demonstration projects for all ages.

Most of us take water for granted. We want to believe that our supply is boundless. But that is not reality. The truth is that in the Red Clay Watershed the water supply is under constant pressure from the rapid growth that is taking place now and will continue into the future.

About half of the people who live in the Red Clay Watershed depend on ground water for their drinking water supply. Many of the new developments will depend on ground water as well. As more water is taken from this finite source, will the supply be adequate for the future?

Since 1987, the Red Clay Valley Association has been working to better understand the limits of our ground water resources. That work has lead to the development of a computer based model which can predict the effect of proposed development on ground water systems and the streams which they support.


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